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Jan 2018-Since ISIS fighters were forced from Sinjar, people have begun to return home but much of the infrastructure such as water and electricity has been badly disrupted. The general health of the local population is extremely poor, with malnutrition responsible for many chronic illnesses. During the fighting, Sinjar Hospital was badly damaged and ISIS fighters looted vital medical equipment – everything from operating tables and scanning machines to syringes and drugs. Following the referendum in September 2017, many NGO’s left the area due to the closing of checkpoints and problems between warring factions. This resulted in an urgent need for medical supplies and equipment.

Beside the main hospital is a small building that was damaged by shelling and rocket propelled grenades. With no glass in the windows and a large hole in the wall where ISIS kept their machine gun the building was freezing cold and there was no electricity or running water. Patient inflow included around 150 children per day but there was only one doctor and no specialist care at all. Road to Peace helped to provide treatment for the children throughout the winter months, with our medical team working around the clock in extreme conditions .


Tiny Aid Organization Works To Fill Treatment Gaps For Iraqi ISIS Victims

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May 2018-We completed the refurbishment of the building where local staff are now providing emergency healthcare for the children.  The holes in the walls where ISIS kept their machine-gun have gone and there are lights and air conditioning throughout the building. With help from UAREUK and private donors, we created six wards, two examination rooms and four bathrooms with constant running water. We are also contributing towards the cost of transportation to hospitals in Mosul and Duhok for patients who require more extensive treatment. 

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