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Elmir and Lela


Following their evacuation in August 1993, Elmir and Lela were treated at the hospital in Croatia. Elmir had lost a kidney in the blast from the tank shell but the doctors were able to remove most of the shrapnel from his eyes and he could see.


10 months later they returned to Mostar where the family were reunited with their father. It would be many years before Sally would hear from them again but one day she received a message from Lela which read; "I am the baby you rescued from Mostar."


The Sunday Times 12 Dec 2010

The Angel summoned by her war babies

15 years after she risked her life to save hundreds of Bosnian children, Sally Becker has made an emotional return to the city torn apart by civil war.

Sally Becker, ‘the Angel of Mostar', tells John-Paul Flintoff of an emotional reunion with one family she helped save in the Bosnian war

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