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When the war spread to Kosovo, Sally brought humanitarian aid convoys to the region, delivering aid to both sides but as the conflict escalated the aid agencies pulled out and the borders were closed.


She and her volunteers brought a convoy to Northern Albania delivering humanitarian aid to some of the thousands of refugees who had fled from the fighting. Sally was asked to take medical supplies to the children's hospital in Junik but the only way to get there was over the mountains so she crossed the border with the paediatric medicines carried on the back of a mule. 

After delivering the supplies to the hospital she was taken to a nearby village and asked to help a group of children sheltering in basements beneath the rubble of their homes. They were in urgent need of medical treatment but the area was surrounded by Serb forces and the only way out was back across the mountains. Read more ...


Four year old Marigona says goodbye to her Grandmother 

Some of the children are carried on mules

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