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Letter from the President

While Sally and one of her volunteers were arranging to evacuate the families to Tirana they were confronted by two masked gunmen wearing black balaclava's and army fatigues who were waiting in the shadows outside their hotel. One of the men aimed his gun at Sally and as she tried to get away he shot her through her leg.

President Rexhep Meidani sent his Minister of Health to Tropoje to evacuate her by helicopter but she refused to leave without the children. Two weeks later she received the following letter.

Dear Miss Becker,


I am glad to hear the good news coming from Tropoje that your health keeps improving and that actually your condition is not life threatening. Considering this a grave act which "you good lady did not deserve" I am convinced that the generous and patriotic region of Tropoje has given and will give you the occasion to access that it knows to respect guests, and that ugly act which aims to take your life is alien to the tradition and mentality of this region.


Just like my people I have followed with much admiration your activities to aid the people in need due to the anachronistic wars fomented by sick minds amidst Europe; once in Bosnia, yesterday in Kosovo and today in Albania.


Your determination to continue this activity deeply affects me personally and believe me, that my compatriots, wherever they are, will highly value this thing.


True Albanians know to evaluate friends and I wish you a speedy recovery and success in the realization of your vocation which has inspired, and continues to inspire, many people in search of a better and fairer world.



With kindest regards


President Rexhep Meidani
President of Albania 1997 - 2002

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