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The Promise

In February 1994, Sally flew to central Bosnia to help the children of Nova Bila, a Croat enclave surrounded by enemy forces. The roads were impassable, blocked by snow so Sally convinced a local helicoptor pilot to fly her in.  Before leaving, Sally spoke to Karen Abuzayd, Chief of Mission for the UNHCR in Bosnia who told her that the UN had no plans to evacuate any children from this area in the foreseeable future. Sally was flown to Central Bosnia under the cover of darkness and the helicopter landed in a snow filled quarry. From there she was driven to the converted Franciscan Monastery where 55 women and children were waiting to fly with her to the hospital in Split, Croatia.


Hearing of her imminent arrival, the UNHCR sent their representative to claim three of the evacuees, including a 13 year old girl who had lost both her legs in explosion but the Franciscan Monk in charge of the patients insisted all the children and their families leave with Sally while they had the chance. 



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