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Upon her release from Liplyan Sally returned to Albania to find the children she had brought up across the mountains from Kosovo. While she was there she found many others in need of medical treatment. Some were flown to the U.S. while others went to Europe, but there was still one little girl in urgent need of help. Marigona, three years old, needed an operation to save her sight. Chris Lui, the eminent British surgeon had offered to perform the surgery free of charge and finally, in February 1999 she was granted a visa-on condition she left her family behind. The brave little girl waved her parents goodbye and flew to Britain with Sally. The operation was successful and two weeks later she returned to Albania, her eyesight fully restored. In September 2014, they were reunited for the first time since the war. BBC Real Lives Reunited 


Sally traced Marigona and her family to a refugee camp in Shkodra.



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