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Awards and recognition 

2023 - Sally received the Ambassadors for Peace Award from the Universal Federation of Peace.


2020 - Sally was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for her work in Bosnia and other war torn countries.

2012 - Sally was chosen to carry the Olympic flag for Peace and Justice at the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympic Games

2014 - Appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador for Children of Peace

2001 - Granted the 'Freedom of Tropoje' for her work helping children from Kosovo


1999 - Woman of the Year Award, Blue Drop Group Sicily

1998 - Introduction to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

1995 - Special Award for Bravery from The Variety Club of Great Britain 

1993 - Unsung Heroes Award - The Celebrity Guild of Great Britain (1993)

1993 -The Ross McWhirter Award for Bravery 

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