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Maja Kazazic

Following her evacuation from Mostar, Maja was transferred to Germany and later to the United States. She had already lost one of her legs but the doctors managed to save the other and she began learning to walk with a prosthesis. After two years her parents and her younger brother joined her in the States and the reunited family set up home together. Maja's brother enrolled in the same high school. Her parents found work, bought cars, and began to learn English and life went on. Before her injury, Maja wanted to become a physical education teacher but she reset her goal to obtaining a degree in psychology. The major obstacle to reaching this goal was the cost of tuition and books but undeterred, Maja took several jobs to put her self through college and graduated in 2000 with a degree in Psychology. She currently lives in Palm Harbour, Florida where she runs her own company. She is also a renowned speaker.


Aug 93: Maja is carried from Sally's ambulance.


In November 2009 Sally was reunited with Maja for the first time since the evacuation.

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