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'Sally Becker partly redeemed the good name of Western Europe by the heroic work that she carried out in Bosnia at the height of the war.Tom Gallagher Professor of  the study of  Ethnic  Conflict  and  Peace  at  the  Department of  Peace studies at Bradford University. 

Moved by the images of suffering, Sally Becker set off to the war torn region of Bosnia-Herzegovina determined to try and help. The country was in the midst of civil war and Croats and Muslims were fighting for control of Mostar, a city which had once been a popular tourist destination. 50,000 people were trapped on the east side of the city, crammed into an area just twenty miles long. There was no electricity and very little food and the area was constantly targeted by snipers and rocket propelled grenades. No one could get in or out and people were dying for want of the most basic medical supplies.



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